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Sphenoid Sinus Surgery

Sinusitis can cause significant discomfort to those afflicted by this all too common condition. In the event that typical sinusitis treatments, such as those involving antibiotics or steroids, fail to relieve the discomfort associated with chronic congestion and headache pain, sphenoid sinus surgery is recommended to clear blocked airways in order to improve breathing.

Due to the compact physical makeup of the nasal cavity, surgery can prove rather challenging. Damage to any healthy tissue that surrounds the afflicted area can lead to even more breathing problems down the line, which may require additional surgery. Fortunately, the innovative minds at miVIP Surgery Centers are spearheading the movement towards image-guided surgical techniques, which are changing the way in which delicate procedures are performed.

What to Expect the Day of Your Surgery

Using the Medtronics Navigation system, surgeons can gain an understanding of the area to better assist them during the surgical procedure. Utilizing images derived from both a CT scan and an instrument called an endoscope, which is a camera attached to a telescopic lens that is inserted into the nasal cavity, surgeons can get a much better view of the nasal cavity than is usually afforded during traditional sinus surgery. This increased visibility allows greater dexterity when performing the surgery, as well as offering a clear distinction between diseased and healthy tissue.

Meet the Surgeons

The staff at miVIP is composed of highly trained, dedicated medical professionals who ably meld technical know-how with surgical expertise afforded by years of experience. With an eye on benefiting patients using new technology, surgeries performed at miVIP are on the cutting edge of minimally invasive surgical procedures.

After Care is Vital to a Speedy Recovery

Since every patient experience is different, it’s important to follow your physician’s instructions carefully when recuperating from your procedure. Any sort of strenuous physical activity should be avoided, and those experiencing acute pain should contact emergency services immediately. All other questions or concerns can be answered by your local surgery center.

Pricing and Coverage

Most procedures available at miVIP are covered by major health insurance providers. In the event that your procedure is not fully covered by insurance, miVIP will work with you to create a reasonable payment plan that fits within your lifestyle.

For Further Information

If you are suffering from sinusitis, there are a number of effective treatments that can vastly improve the quality of your life. By contacting miVIP Surgery Center at 855-496-4847, you can discuss your surgery with an experienced representative, who will advise you on the best course of action to take.