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Stent Replacement Procedure

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Stents are very small artificial tubes that keep the ureters functioning correctly. People with ureters that are diseased, damaged, or frequently obstructed are able to keep their urinary system healthy with the help of these stents. Stents must be replaced every three to six months in order for the patient to continue to enjoy optimal health and comfort. The miVIP team performs stent replacement procedure for many of our patients and we can do this for you, too.

The stent replacement procedure helps ensure that the patient does not suffer any ill effects from a deteriorating stent. If a stent is left in position too long then small cracks in the structure may develop and the stent’s function will be compromised. Naturally-occurring minerals can also build up inside the stent which can cause kidney stones to develop, especially in people who are already prone to them.

Before the procedure can begin the surgeon must be informed of:

  • The diameter of the stent
  • How long it is
  • What type it is
If you do not have this information then your surgeon can contact your urologist for more precise information.

How is the Surgery Performed?

Since general anesthesia is typically administered during a stent replacement procedure your doctor will give you fasting instructions. Once anesthesia is administered a cytoscope will be inserted into the urethra to access the bladder; from there the location of the old stent is identified. The old stent will be removed and a new one put in its place.

Some stents will need to be placed with the aid of a guide wire. In this case a fluoroscope is used to pinpoint the placement of the guide wire. The stent is then advanced on top of the wire into its correct position. The guide wire and other tools are then removed.

The Surgeons at miVIP

There are many experienced urological surgeons practicing with miVIP. We can connect you with a surgeon who is experienced with stent replacement and related treatments. You can trust the experience and expertise of all miVIP surgeons; we want to help you life a healthier, more comfortable life.

What to Expect After Procedure

You may experience some pain or discomfort after the procedure. Your surgeon can tell give you more personalized symptom management information. It is a good idea to make an appointment for your next stent replacement procedure approximately six months in the future or earlier if your doctor recommends a more frequent rate of replacement.

Cost of Procedure

Each patient is responsible for any out of pocket costs associated with treatment. Our staff can assist with benefits verification and we can help create a payment plan for you.

Long Term Prognosis and Other Information Regarding Procedure

Ureter stents help preserve urinary health though will need to be replaced on a regular basis in order to keep them working correctly. If you have questions or concerns about a stent replacement procedure, call miVIP at 855-496-4847.